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Food & Drink 7 healthy meals rich in protein

7 healthy meals rich in protein


7 healthy meals rich in protein 1

Protein is one of the most important essential nutrients that provide the body with energy and activity, and helps build a healthy, healthy and strong body, helps build body cells, protects the body from many diseases, and is also a very important element to build and strengthen muscles, and it works on Burns body fat, strengthens bones, protects against fragility, and also strengthens teeth and protects them from decay, and protein has important benefits for hair as it strengthens it, reduces its loss and treats any damage because protein contains omega-3 acid.

After we learned about the benefits of protein that is important to the body, we have to know the most important sources of protein, there are two types of protein, which are animal protein and plant protein, and this allows diversification in the presentation of dishes rich in the basic protein for the body, there is a lot of meat, legumes, and plants that supply the body With protein, we will provide you with some protein-rich, quick meals to improve family nutrition, especially children who need all kinds of proteins important to their bodies.

1-Meat of all kinds

Meat of all kinds is the most important source of protein, whether it be beef, chicken, or turkey, as it provides the body with animal protein that is important for the body and muscles and helps build them in a healthy and healthy structure. There are many ways and quick recipes prepared from meat, and they are light and quick to prepare, yet retain their nutritional value.

One of the quick meat recipes is to boil it and serve it with spices, or season it with some simple ingredients and then grill it over charcoal, or fry it in a frying pan with a few boiled vegetables.


It is one of the most important protein-rich meals that help build muscle mass in the body and build a healthy body, as it is one of the meals that bodybuilders and athletes in general eat, as it builds muscles without any fatty substances. The importance of tuna is highlighted by its omega-3 protein content.

There are many light salads that you can prepare with chunks of tuna, but it must be filtered out of oil completely, or use tuna kept in water or dry.


In addition to tuna, eggs are rich in protein that helps build the body and its muscles. Eggs are rich in many substances and nutrients that are very important to the body, especially the children’s bodies.

You can serve eggs in several ways, including boiled with a salad or a plain omelet, or by adding a little cheese or vegetables, many recipes of eggs satisfy all tastes.


It is preferable to eat plain yogurt because it contains twice the protein content of commercial manufactured yogurt. It is one of the favorite foods for breakfast or dinner because it is light on the stomach, saturated, and very useful. You can serve yogurt with a spoonful of white honey, or add a little oatmeal and fruit pieces with it, or offer it as a drink after mixing it in a blender.


Oats are rich in protein and saturated dietary fiber that builds a healthy body, and it is one of the grains that helps to feel full for a long time and provides the body with plant protein that is important to the body, and it is one of the important meals that help the body burn fat.


There are several types of legumes rich in protein, such as white and black beans, peas, and beans, as they are very important sources of protein and dietary fiber, and they should be presented healthily while reducing fatty substances.


We must pay attention to eating a simple portion of nuts with daily meals, especially almonds because they contain a proportion of protein and omega-3, which are very important for a healthy and strong body.



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