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Food & Drink Amazing information about coffee

Amazing information about coffee


A man drinks coffee
A man drinks coffee

Coffee is the reason most of us wake up in the morning, the sound and aroma of its dripping in the kitchen helping us keep our alarm off the table. We seldom started our day without a cup of coffee. Are there health benefits to coffee despite the many jokes about it and its addictive aspects? And what is this drink that makes us spring to life and faces our days? Is it just caffeine? Or are there other properties that make it a unique drink?

Coffee has a wide and vibrant history, and in this article, you will find amazing facts and information about your morning cup of coffee that you probably do not know.

  1. Coffee drinkers are less likely to get serious diseases

Studies have shown that patients with high caffeine blood are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease, and that coffee has good results on type 2 diabetes patients as well as protecting women from skin cancer. Did you know?

  1. Coffee reduces muscle pain

It is often recommended to have a high-protein breakfast after morning exercises, but adding a cup of coffee with breakfast reduces muscle pain by 48%.

  1. Dark roast coffee contains less caffeine than light coffee

We feel dark-roasted coffee is stronger due to its strong flavor but that is not the case. Despite the flavor of dark-roasted coffee, lighter coffee contains more caffeine. This is because the roasting process is responsible for reducing caffeine.

  1. Coffee comes from the fruit

Coffee is not a bean, but rather a type of berry. So coffee is the seed or kernel that is inside the fruit and then roasted to get coffee. If someone advises you to eat more fruit, tell them that you have eaten them.

  1. Goats discovered coffee

A shepherd in Ethiopia noticed in the year eight hundred AD that goats seemed to dance after eating a certain plant, so he took samples of the fruit to show it. And after the shepherd tried the plant himself, he noticed a similar reaction (yes, the shepherd danced). Soon after, the monks got a little bit of it and noticed that they were awake all night. Ultimately, they mixed the plant with animal fats and made themselves energy balls.

  1. Coffee did not arrive in America until 1600 AD

Coffee first reached New Amsterdam (present-day New York) in 1600 AD, however, it did not grow in popularity until the Boston Tea Party in 1773 AD.

  1. Decaffeinated coffee

A cup of coffee contains approximately (95-200 mg) of caffeine. For decaffeinated coffee, an eight-ounce cup contains roughly (2–12 mg) of caffeine. Although low in caffeine, it is still present.

  1. Coffee reduces the risk of depression and suicide

Studies have shown that those who drink coffee a lot have fewer signs of depression and suicide – especially women -. And it was discovered in one study that women who drink about four cups a day are less likely to have depression (22%).

  1. The coffee can be kept warm by adding cream

You can keep your coffee hot for a little longer by adding cream to it; This is because the cream cools less quickly than black coffee (20%).

  1. Coffee increases fiber absorption

One cup of coffee adds 1.5 g of fiber to your diet, which is not a large amount but is beneficial.

  1. The word “coffee” is taken from the Arabic word “coffee”, which in the past means “wine”.

The word “coffee” in the Turkish language became “kahveh” and in the Dutch language “koffie”. Then we got the English word “coffee”.

  1. A cup of black coffee contains only one calorie

But adding sweeteners, cream, and others increases the total calories.

  1. Coffee beans have aesthetic benefits on the skin

Use the remaining coffee grounds to cleanse the skin. Chemist Danosia Wink of the Good Housekeeping Institute says, “Ground coffee is an exfoliant that removes dead skin cells, making the skin smoother and brighter, and caffeine is believed to improve blood circulation in the skin, but so far there is not enough clinical data on its use in products. Topical ”.

  1. Finland is home to coffee lovers

According to the International Coffee Organization, an adult Finnish consumes coffee up to 27.5 pounds every year, while an American consumes about 11 pounds.


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Amazing information about coffee

Coffee is the reason most of us wake up in the morning, the sound and aroma of its dripping...

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