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Travel Mistakes to avoid while traveling

Mistakes to avoid while traveling


Mistakes to avoid while traveling
Mistakes to avoid while traveling

While traveling, you will make many mistakes, especially if this is your first time, whether it is a business trip or a leisure trip, and the mistakes that you make either during the preparation for the trip or during the trip itself, and it was very annoying so you should pay attention to it and avoid it if You do not have travel experience yet.

Not carrying a lot of clothes

Often this is the first mistake that a person can make during his first travel trip, on any trip you will feel a strong desire to take a lot of clothes with you, you want to wear a lot of things and take a lot of different pictures. You may want to take summer and winter clothes with you. But wait for a little while preparing the bags, it is enough to take one suitcase of suitable size with all your things, because a large number of clothes will make you take several bags and this will hinder you a lot while traveling, it will be difficult with the transfer of bags, and you will crash at the airport because you exceeded the allowable weight, So take the important clothes you need, and you can easily wash the dirty clothes and get dressed again on your trip.

Uncertainty about the flight time

You can laugh at this mistake and say: Can someone make a mistake in the date of his flight? Yes, it can happen, so pay close attention to this point if you are going to book a night or morning flight and it is always preferable to book a day or morning flight to avoid this randomness.

Maintaining the local currency of the state

Although this is not a major crisis, and although most countries accept other currencies such as the euro or the dollar, the local currency is also important, especially if you are going to buy from street vendors.

Not to ask about the price of food before ordering it

If your budget is limited, you should never forget this. Ask about the price of food before ordering it, whether you are in a restaurant or you are ordering from a mobile seller, so you should not lose sight of this point, because one bill in one of these restaurants will cost you a lot and will negatively affect The rest of your trip, especially if you are on a travel budget.

Forget about taking some medication with you

When you are about to travel to a new country – especially if the weather in this country is different from yours – you should take some basic medicines with you such as: cold and flu medicines, pain pills, fever reducers, etc., because you do not know what you will be exposed to. . . . . Because of the changing weather, of course, you don’t have to catch a cold because of the change of weather, but to be on the safe side, you are in a strange country where you don’t know anyone and you will. Inability to handle medical care, especially for these small matters.

Put the whole money in the wallet

If you do not have a credit card and put all your money in one place and it is stolen from you, then you will face a very difficult situation in a strange country where you do not know anyone, so pay attention to this, and distribute the money in many places, some in your pocket, some in your wallet, and some in your bag itself. And so on.


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