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Entertainment Celebrities Paris Hilton raises controversy about her engagement to Carter...

Paris Hilton raises controversy about her engagement to Carter Reum



Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

After she finished taking a tough stand to keep her former boarding school working, and she held a demonstration with her followers against her in the United States for having committed violations of the rights of the children who joined her, and she is one of them, the reality star and heir to the Hilton Paris Hilton continued to occupy people with her news and pictures.

The reality star and the “39-year-old model of Hilton hotels, Paris Hilton,” recently raised controversy over her official engagement and engagement, after a picture she posted on her account on the social networking site “Instagram”, which is followed by 13 million and 400 thousand people around the world.


Paris Hilton appeared in the photo next to her lover Carter Reum, standing in front of the famous pink Disney castle, and for this photo session, Paris chose a black lace dress, while he wore a navy formal suit.

But controversial is the comment of Paris Hilton on her romantic image with her fiancé Carter, which came as follows: “They lived happily ever after,” like the happy ending of fairy tales known for Disney movies and their screen.

And her romantic photo with her lover Carter Ryum won 2,300,000 views and 1,400 likes in just two days.

So Paris Hilton intentionally or spontaneously ignited the debate about whether she got engaged or secretly married her handsome lover Carter Ryum, and millions of her followers on social media speculated that by publishing this photo, and commenting: They lived happily and raised her emotional relationship with Carter Ryum to a more deep and serious level, And they allude to their official engagement or marriage, so many asked her through their comments: “Did she get engaged?” And someone answers the question, yes, soon we’ll hear wedding bells ringing.

Despite all that has been said, news confirmed that Carter Reum has not asked for his sweetheart, Paris Hilton, to marry yet, although they are deeply romantically linked and are considered a very ideal couple.

Paris Hilton had previously stated, “She is the luckiest girl in the world because she is Carter’s sweetheart, and that he opened her heart in ways that did not exist. She described him saying:” You are the most extraordinary person I have ever met. I have so much love for someone, I will never forget our first kiss. “


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