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The son of the Sultan of Brunei, Prince Hajj Abdul Azim, dies at the age of 38



Prince Hajj Abdul Azim 01
Prince Hajj Abdul Azim

The Sultanate of Brunei lives in a very gloomy and sad atmosphere for the death of the son of its Sultan, Brunei.

Prince Haji Abdul Azim died at the age of 38, and the late young prince Haji Abdul Azim was ranked fourth in the order of succession to the throne of the Sultanate of Brunei, and he is also the second son of the Sultan of Brunei Hasan al-Balqiya, and his wife Maryam Aziz.

The late Prince Haji Abdul Azim, one of the most famous princes of Brunei along with his younger brother Prince Mattin of Brunei, aged 29 years, is an influential and athlete, according to Hola.

Who is Prince Haji Abdul Azim?

The late Prince Haji Abdul-Azim enrolled in Leighton Park School and Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom and trained in a distinguished military fashion, but he did not pursue it to the end because of his passion, passion and wide interest in cinema.

In 2014 he produced:

And mystery thriller: You Are Not You

Dark Place

And another movie starring Charlize Theron, in which she plays a woman who bravely fights cancer.

It is said that his private fortune is estimated at $ 5 billion, and Ibn is one of the richest men in the world. He put a large part of his wealth into establishing his own movie production company and spent some of it on charitable projects, and he held lavish birthday parties for himself, attended by the most beautiful and important Hollywood stars and personalities from Elite.

The Brunei government TV and Radio officially announced the death of Prince Haji Abdul Azim on Saturday, October 24, 2020, at ten in the morning Brunei time, and a prayer was offered for him and was buried the same afternoon, and the statement did not reveal the cause of his death.

The country declared seven days of mourning, and flags were flown at half to express deep sorrow for his loss and early departure.

Prince Haji Abdul Azim was fourth in the state of the throne of Brunei, and he has 11 brothers from his father, Sultan Hassan Bolkiah, who is 74 years old and ruled the country for 53 years, and he is thus the monarch who ascended the throne for the longest possible period after Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II only.

As for the mother of the late Prince Haji Abdul Azim, she is the second wife of the Sultan of Brunei Hassan Bolkiah, and she used to work as an air stewardess for Royal Brunei Airlines, and she became a princess in 1981 by marrying the Sultan of Brunei, then they separated after 22 years of their marriage, which resulted in four children. The late Hajj Abdel Azim is the oldest.

The Sultanate of Brunei, a member of the Commonwealth and which was a British protectorate, won its independence from Britain in 1984. It still includes a British garrison.

The Sultanate of Brunei is surrounded by Malaysia and the South China Sea and is famous for its charming beaches and wonderful rainforests with distinctive biological diversity, many of which are considered nature reserves.


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